Mitt Romney Tells Otterbein University Students To Borrow Money From Their Parents

As a parent with one child in college and another one starting in September, I know only too well what it means for the youth of our time to get an education. We are from middle class means, my oldest opted for UMASS a state school and we still had to take out loans in his name and ours to cover the over 20k per year. My second one is going to be the same story. I went to a state school twenty years ago and full year tuition with room and board was 5k. With the cuts made to state universities both from state and federal levels is atrocious. We are doing ourselves as a nation, a huge disservice by refusing to invest in our young people and their education. We are also depriving our economy of much needed consumer dollars by gobbling up all the money in interest rates and not in the local economy.
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