Mitt Romney ‘Not Going To Disagree’ With Rick Scott On Drug Testing

Where have our liberties gone? Perhaps I have grown too cynical of the GOP, but it seems to me that their mindset is set in devaluing individual freedoms, hampering the state from fulfilling its function as advocate for the less powerful and demeaning those who try to go about their business to either make an honest living or try to survive. Rick Scott wants to drug test state employees, why is that? To perhaps subtly put them in the same boat as those seeking welfare and unemployment assistance? I am glad that the judges have seen fit to rule it a violation of a person’s rights, but tax payer monies were wasted with the need to go to court over this. Moreover, who pays for the drug testing? Penny wise and pound foolish, that is the going rate of the modern day GOP. Starving the many for the sake of the few is the road to perdition. There is evidence beyond belief that the few control a disproportionate amount of the wealth in our country, the lopsided scales of balance is unsustainable, anyone who believes in the idea that is the United States should be able to see that. The Progressive Caucus has some great ideas, they need to be implemented.
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