Friday Talking Points — Good Enough for My Money

Chris, excellent talking points. When will Reagan’s ghost and legacy ever leave us alone? The military buildup under his watch gave us our first taste of outrageous deficits, it took a democrat, former President Clinton to start bringing them down and then we had Bush, who brought us back to the road littered with defense contracts and two wars worth of military spending.If Romney were President, he would just copy from the Bush handbook which was copied from Reagan’s, tax cuts on top of increased military spending. How can the GOP, state with a straight face, that deficit spending domestically is devastating our economy? They have a grand old time with the company checkbook when they are buying up military contracts, outfitting the Pentagon with the latest toys all the while cutting programs and benefits for all those who rely on them for survival. The GOP has lost the right to participate in the decision making process because not only have they failed to govern, they have failed to demonstrate common sense, a moral compass and integrity. President Obama has shown leadership and good governance, Obama 2012.
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