How Obama Won Me Over With a Single Speech

I can see that President Obama has a very real, authentic respect and admiration for women. That sense of his appreciation of us as human beings has done a lot to propel me to his corner since the beginning. I have always been a democrat, since the age of thirteen when Ronald Reagan was on the scene. I was immediately put off by his war-like positions and his disregard for poor people, black people and unions. I have always been drawn to the democratic message; that we are all better off as a nation when everyone can have access to freedom, opportunity, education, health care and social mobility. The message that underlies the GOP mentality, as long as I have mine, puts me off. We as a country need better than the GOP message, all for me and me for me. Romney, for all his religious beliefs, still believes that money is at the heart of everything and that, for a President isn’t the moral way to look at our country. We need and deserve more and I believe that we have it in President Obama.
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