Bill Clinton On Bain: ‘This Is Good Work’ (VIDEO)

It doesn’t require a M.B.A to get a good ides of how jobs are created, they are created when there is demand. Demand occurs when consumers need something and have the where with all to purchase. The key piece to the puzzle is the consumers purchasing power, without purchasing power, there could be as much need as you want if the consumers are broke, there won’t be any demand. No demand, no jobs. Therefore, all of us consumers are job creators, because it is only through our purchasing power that demand goes up and jobs are forcibly created. Romney’s business experience in private equity catered primarily to the investors, his aim was to find ways to make their stock prices more valuable at the cost of all else. His focus wasn’t job creation, paying employees enough to enhance their purchasing power, his focus was to find any way necessary to make his investment profitable; so laden the companies with debt, cut labor cost and sell the company off piece by piece. Investors happy, Bain Capital always paid and the workers out of jobs. I wouldn’t call that good work for all, just for some.
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