President Obama’s Harshest Debate Critics? His Most Loyal Supporters

The jobs report though, as the pundits say lackluster, still show that we are experiencing positive jobs growth and the unemployment rate is decreasing. The unemployment rate would be a full point lower if the public sector hadn’t been sacrificed on the altar of bipartisan deals. Under president Obama, he has shrunk the government and unfortunately that does harm his jobs record. I never understood how republicans can say with a straight face that government doesn’t create jobs. The government’s role in building and maintaining our infrastructure so businesses can transport their goods and provide their services creates jobs. Our government by providing federal grants to states helps employ teachers, firefighters and policemen so how is it that government doesn’t help everyone in their daily life? This mythology that the republicans swear by is just as fantastical as their supply-side economic theory, that too has been debunked. As President H.W Bush it is just voodoo economics. I can’t trust the stewardship of our country to a party that operates in a fantasy land and are motivated solely by greed.
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