Budgets to the Right of Us, Budgets to the Left of Us: Budgets, Budgets Everywhere!

I believe the key difference between the two ideologies surrounding the budgets lies in the concept of community. The right wing budgets view communities as islands separate from each other; if your island is prosperous, that has nothing to do with whether the other one is poor and desolate. Whereas the left wing budgets reflect the innate belief that all communities are interdependent and that we are all stronger as a whole rather than as individual pods. The Paul Ryan and the Rand Paul budgets assume that established success will continue to increase and therefore hasn’t any need for federal help, the rest of society must do as the wealthy; help themselves and therein lies their fundamental flaw. They erroneously believe that the wealthy got there on their own, the Paul Ryans fail to see that it was through government tax policy, public education and a lot of tax payer subsidies that these old billionaires made their fortunes, off our backs. The progressive caucus sees that and would like to extend all of those ladder rungs back down to the working and middle class so that, as Kennedy said, all boats may rise and make our country even more prosperous as a whole. This income inequality will come back and hurt us down the road, it is truly unsustainable in the long-term.
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