Billionaires Against Social Security

I strongly believe that the concept and the resulting program that is our Social Security is strong in its foundational aspects. It is the parameters surrounding Social Security within our prevailing economy that is causing its future, done the road in the 2030’s, to be less than rosy. The billionaires who want Social Security to be cut or worse privatized, all to the one, purposefully neglect to address all of the job outsourcing that has plagued our economy since the 1970’s, the simple fact that an elimination of the payroll tax cap would fix whatever future shortfalls and that our economy is generating more minimum wage jobs than any other types and that means for big losses in revenue and combine that with the crippling student debt, creates an uncertainty that would depress anyone. What angers me is that the current crop of billionaires had all of the advantages of the boom years when universities were affordable, government invested in our society and its infrastructure, innovation was at a premium and wages were growing creating a vibrant middle class that allowed for these success stories. So to hear a billionaire who has not lifted a finger to address the surrounding challenges that make Social Security more vulnerable is a disservice to those very young people he is reaching out to on his campus tours.
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