Congress Did Little Of Consequence In 2013, Except Argue

I propose that one shouldn’t be surprised that our congress couldn’t function this year or in any of the previous years since President Obama came into office, for two distinct yet linked reasons; gerry mandering and the tea party. The democrats couldn’t retake control of the House not because of lack of votes, but because of gerry mandering, that in itself goes against the democratic process because the people’s mandate is set aside through manipulated procedures. Moreover, add that fact to the birth of the tea party, a wing of the Republican Party that has complete disdain for the federal government and all of its impact on ordinary lives; we have a house that has a disproportionate amount of power in the hands of an anti-government political party. How can we be surprised that our government was kept at a standstill. The only way to get our government working again is through our power at the ballot, we need to make a decision, do we want to put a party that wants to shrink our government to the size that is small enough to drown in a bathtub back in power? Gerry mandering needs to be set aside, it has done some real damage to our political process, along with uncontrolled money, this alone may be enough to limit the damage that the tea party can do on its own. If we want progress in congress, we need to put those who want government to work, at work.
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