House Republicans Opposed To Extended Unemployment Benefits Could Pay The Price In 2014: Poll

Just imagine how it must feel to know that your congressional representative, who theoretically works for you, is unabashedly opposed to letting unemployment benefits continue for you, the long-term unemployed, despite the fact that your representative has voted down every single bill presented that potentially could have added jobs, simply because they are firmly opposed to any type of spending for the average worker on the ideological belief that everyone must pull themselves up by their bootstraps, except if you are a corporation. Corporations are different, they and the 1% are the “job creators” so they must be allowed to pay the lowest taxes ever and be able to exploit every single tax loophole imaginable, no matter that so far the jobs “created” are so low paying that the poor taxpayers are subsidizing those corporations’ employees with food stamps and Medicaid. Just imagine how these voters must feel when they think of representatives such as Boehner and Paul Ryan. I live in MA so I have my senators and my representative who consistently vote for unemployment benefit extensions and other benefits and I feel blessed having them. I couldn’t imagine living in a red state and living under the representation of those who believe that economically we are the mercy of survival of the fittest, these conservatives may not believe in Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution, but when it comes to social and economic issues they sure are big on economic and social Darwinism.
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