Mike Huckabee’s Bully Pulpit: Economic Populism

It seems to me that Mike Huckabee’s economic populism isn’t in keeping with his political ideology. He is a conservative republican, who believes in the free market and believes that government isn’t here to help the people economically. I don’t understand how he can be a preacher and be a republican at the same time. I went to Catholic school until the age of 18 and Jesus only got angry once, he threw the money lenders out of the Temple because money and God have nothing to do with each other. If one listens to any of Jesus’ teachings, caring for the poor and sickly is the number one item on his list and not casting judgement onto others is a close second. If Huckabee were really sincere about his economic populist message then he would be supportive of increasing the minimum wage, bringing back manufacturing to the U.S, hold corporations to the economic fire by eliminating tax loopholes, allowing unions to freely organize and look into better financial regulations. There is so much to do, but since Huckabee is strongly guided by his political ideology rather than the fundamental Jesus teachings that I remember, I am confident that he would not be governing under the guise of solid economic principles designed to alleviate the economic suffering of the common man. He would be focused on dictating reproductive rights, allowing even more corporate economic freedom from any accountability. It would be more of Reagan’s disastrous legacy, haven’t we suffered enough?
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I kind of liked Huckabee when he ran in 2008. He was more of an economic populist in those days, which was why the Club of Rome was attacking him. Unfortunately, that has changed.

    1. It seems that Huckabee is responding to the pressures of the far right wing, which is too bad. He was much better as a governor way back when, I guess the practical side of governing made him more responsive to people’s needs. 🙂

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