Pope Francis Offers Hopeful Christmas Day Message From St. Peter’s

I went to Catholic school until the age of 18, I remember loving the whole concept of God and Jesus, one and alike, a wondrous being who loves us no matter what, no matter who we are. Unfortunately I fell in love with history and political science and I realized that religion has nothing to do with what I had loved as a child. This Pope gives me hope for the world. I love him, his message, his faith and his intestinal fortitude. What a breath of fresh air from the last pontiff. Pope Francis understands what I fell in love with as a child, the fact that he took the name Francis after Saint Francis was a wonderful indicator of where his heart and soul lies. I don’t know where I stand in matters of faith, but I know what is right and what is wrong and this new Pope is so right for the world that we are living in today. Merry Christmas Pope Francis!
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