Health Care Law Divides Republican Rivals

Actually I think that this is a good thing for the Republican Party and its electorate. I would rather have them hash out their differences on the campaign trail as opposed to gumming up the works during congressional legislative sessions. The republican congressmen should show up to work, not campaign while in session. This inter-party fighting reveals a stark difference in political practicality and realistic applications; the tea party who are still bent on completely dismantling a law already in place and working, they see government as an interference and a hindrance to daily life except if you are a corporation or Wall Street, these need governmental largesse. However, women’s bodies need strong regulatory powers, crazy I know. The old guard of the Republican Party agrees with much of the tea party except when it comes to governance in spite of the ACA law, these republicans believe in working within the parameters once they see that they have lost; a more practical branch of the Republican Party. I think that what most Americans want is to see the republicans willing to accept that they lost the narrative and pick themselves up and work with the democrats to produce the best working ACA law that the American people deserve. Because really that is what government ought to be, our representatives there do do the work that we elected them to do. Essentially to provide our society with the things that individually we can’t provide on our own.
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