After Newtown, Building A Stronger System Of Mental Health Services

I think that getting rid of the stigma of mental health illnesses is a tremendous step in the right direction. Mental health issues at any age is a cross to bear, but the burden is especially high in the young and the adolescent. Letting everyone know that they are no longer alone is such a powerful message. I applaud the lawmakers for recognizing and addressing the public’s need for this to happen. However, that doesn’t mean that their work as lawmakers is done, not by a long shot. When I think of the parents of Newton CT, I can only imagine that their grief must be magnified by the fact that despite their best and heroic efforts to get gun control and regulation on the books, they were ignored and rebuffed. That to me is would be twice as heartbreaking, not only losing your child, but when you go to Washington D.C in the hopes of affecting change so that this type of tragedy does not happen to others as easily as it did to you and to see the work die on the hill, the pain has to be trenchant. I only hope that one day, we can get away from from the pernicious gun culture that our nation has fallen under over the years.
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