Here Are All The Times Congress Screwed Americans This Year In The Name Of Austerity

The health or unhealthy state of our economy is primarily determined by policy choices. Austerity is very much a policy choice and the resultant consequences are man-made, there aren’t any natural economic laws such as there are in physics. Economies can be manipulated, changed or helped by government policies or lack thereof. Let’s not forget that the 1970’s launched the beginning of the grand exodus of manufacturing jobs due to a combination of tax policy and Volcker’s decision to ratchet up the interest rates practically forcing manufacturing out of this country. Moreover, it wasn’t too long after that, Reagan gave us the gift that never stops delivering the goodies to the 1%, trickle down economics. His devotion to the free market, financial and corporate deregulation and right to work made it possible to bring down a previously healthy middle class. I think that the many distractions that were going on in our world made this conservative policy takeover possible. In the 1970’s there was Vietnam, Nixon’s Watergate, OPEC and then there was the 1979 Iranian hostage situation and another creeping danger was the launch of the credit card, followed by the home equity loans, these two easy credit tools gave the vulnerable middle class the illusion that they still had their “wealth”, it was an illusion broke open by the 2008 recession. It isn’t too late to reverse these trends, we have the power to start anew. It really is all about choices and priorities.
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