Fourteen 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Progressives — and One for Every Year

This list of resolutions should be printed out as fliers and distributed far and wide. We, the progressives, need to show that we are the party of opportunity, possibility and progress, a distinct contrast to the republican’s negative and nihilistic vision for the average person. I use the term nihilistic because by denying collective bargaining to workers, by denying the existence of climate change and other science based realities, by denying the very destructive existence of income inequality; the Republican Party is railing against fact and railing against the institutions that can do something to alleviate the average person’s economic, social and political life. I am tired of hearing the Republican Party telling us that our government can’t do anything for us and moreover shouldn’t do anything for us. If not for us, then for who or for what? Why are the military contractors, Big Oil, Wall Street and the 1% more deserving than the rest of us? The progressives aren’t scared of challenging their world view and mind set. There are alternative ideas, solutions and plans, it is always best to have as many options available, so that one can make the most informed decisions. I would rather vote for someone who is interested in protecting our environment, our communal areas, our privacy and our rights, instead of catering to those who already have far more than they need.
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