The GOP’s Biggest Rebranding Failures Of 2013

The very notion that a party can conquer new demographics simply by rebranding itself shows just how shallow they are. Political affiliation is more then just a billboard sign or a logo, it is about ideology, pragmatic governance and a value system bringing its member together towards a common goal. The Republican Party hasn’t been a party bringing people together as of late, it is more of the party that seeks to keep people out. Just look at the 2012 primaries for President, the candidates were competing over how high to make the wall and Herman Cain wanted to electrify it; how do you successfully rebrand a party after that? Moreover, how does one rebrand Justice Scalia with his views on gutting the Voting Rights Act, his views on homosexuality and his belief that corporations are people too? Until the Republican Party sincerely changes its worldview on the most fundamental level, anything that they may be peddling is only window dressing and the American people are a little too savvy for such shallow attempts for their precious votes. If you are in any group that is discriminated against, you have to be savvy to get through life, because life is exponentially that much more difficult and I think that it must be insulting to have the Republican Party courting your vote in such a self-serving manner without bothering to do the required work of re-evaluating some extremely wrong-headed prejudices.
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