A New Year’s Message

I, for one, choose to be optimistic about 2014. I know that main stream media sites absolutely do not cover progressive groups, but trust me they are out there. Just like the very fact that it was due to the Occupy Wall Street movement that the 47% became both a campaign and then a national issue, so will other big conversation starters become clarion calls because of those agitating under the radar. The SEC and other federal regulatory agencies are being influenced by Occupy the SEC, there is the movement Occupy homes, keeping the spotlight and helping those against illegal foreclosures from Big Banks and let us not forget Moral Monday in North Carolina, they are making their voices heard. We are seeing more and more protests against the Tar Sands pipelines, Wisconsin is still a hub for progressives, the anti-GMO fight has gone viral and nationwide with businesses such as Trader Joe’s and Chipotle coming around and joining in the fight for labeling. Independent media is a growing source of investigative journalism replacing the corporate talking points that we have been inundated with since corporations took over the fourth estate. I am tired of hearing the corporate memo’s being parroted by both the print and t.v media. It is both the courage and determination of independent investigative journalism that will keep the progressive message alive. I think that the 1% have overplayed their hands and got too greedy, they went too far, we have to reclaim our fair share.

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