Half Of Americans Think Our Democracy Needs ‘A Lot Of Changes’ Or A Complete Overhaul

This article brings to mind the key difference between democrats and republicans; democrats believe that government programs can be effective and beneficial, whereas republicans believe in the sanctity and infallibility of the private sector and marketplace and between both parties there lies a competitive nature to this standoff between these two entities. Furthermore, we have just had two foul ups that demonstrate this standoff beautifully; the federal government’s embarrassing rollout of healthcare.gov and most recently the UPS botch up over late Christmas deliveries. As both sides were gloating at one point over the failures of the other sides, who really lost? The American people. I believe that our federal government needs to be cohesive and strong to not only counterbalance the huge disparity between individual states, but to counterbalance the opposing ideologies. Being a MA resident, I feel lucky that my state believes in early childhood schooling, healthcare coverage for everyone, increasing minimum wage and unemployment benefits as well as job training. Being a blue state also means that our higher revenues help to carry the poorer red states who don’t quite take care of their constituents in the same way. I wonder if the prosperity of the blue states combined with their more progressive agendas, gets lost as a potential example for the red states, that you can be prosperous and be compassionate.
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