This Will Be The Major Policy Story Of Obama’s Second Term

If this is indeed the case, and I most certainly hope that it is, then I would like to see a few things happen. First that President Obama turn his back on fracking, I think that fracking is detrimental to the health of our planet on several levels, it contaminates the water table, it is possibly linked to earthquake activity and it pollutes the soil, not to mention the addition of greenhouse gases. Secondly I would love to see a complete rejection of the Tar Sands pipeline, the Tar Sands petrol is going to China, it doesn’t need to be piped through the U.S and lastly I would ban railway shipping of oil, we have seen one disaster too many in recent months. President Obama has done a lot for the green energy movement and I would like to see him take a firm stand on these three issues. I am sure that Secretary of State Kerry would agree with my assessments or at least I hope that he would and I would like to think that Kerry’s passion for conservation was a determining factor in his appointment. According to climate change experts, the scientists, we have already passed the threshold of 350 years ago and unless the nations band together and make a committed resolution to do some proactive reversal regarding fossil fuels, we the humans will pay the ultimate price. It is utterly sad that profits are so much more important than life.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I liked that one movie about fracking, Promised Land, which starred Matt Daimon.

    1. So did I, I felt that it was very well done. 🙂

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