Mitt Romney Blasts Obama For Telling People What Kind Of Insurance To Buy

What in the world is Mitt Romney talking about? The Affordable Care Act does not tell you what health insurance plan to enroll into, it provides you with a choice based on your economic circumstances, the private health insurance market is alive and healthy. Mitt Romney is simply throwing talking points into the media world to obscure the discussion. It is interesting that Mitt Romney vetoed the Massachusetts plan several times, and several times his veto was over-ridden, so I guess it makes sense that he would criticize the ACA, he never truly believed in advancing the issue of healthcare coverage as a right instead of a privilege. I am excited for the 2014 gubernatorial primaries because Donald Berwick who was the former administrator for Medicare services is advancing the idea of transforming our current health care coverage system into a single payer one. What Massachusetts failed to do was implement cost controls on medical pricing even though it has adhered to “free market” ideas. Vermont is the first state that is actively pursuing the single payer health care and I can’t wait to see how it rolls out in 2017. I know that Donald Berwick winning the democratic primary might be a long shot and then going onto the governor’s mansion is another hurdle, but I hope that the single payer option will at least be in the conversation. Single payer just makes so much more economic sense than what we are living with right now.
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