Obamacare and Those Invincible Youngsters

I seriously cannot understand why there is such an obstinance over the concept of universal health care coverage. I am not saying that the Affordable Care Act is the perfect solution, but it does bring us closer towards that goal. I can’t help but think that everyone accepts the concept of mandatory auto insurance, and I know that you aren’t required to own a car, but considering the realities of American geography and suburban planning, everyone is practically required to own a car and you do not hear anyone ranting and raving over the required auto insurance. You would think that simple common sense would dictate that we, as a society, would be actively seeking ways to make our new health care law one of the best. Unfortunately the Republican Party believes in “every person for themselves”, that philosophy makes for a reality show setting, not a strong and prosperous nation. We are wasting time, energy and money in justifying something that has already been campaigned on, signed into law, upheld by the Supreme Court and re-campaigned on, winning an election for the second time. We need to move on and address all of the kinks, whichever remain and make health care an American right, in keeping with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is a shame that our founding fathers assumed that we understood that the health part was implied and needn’t have been explicitly stated; it would have saved us a lot of grief.
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