Maybe It’s Time to Find a New Word for “Reform”

I agree wholeheartedly with Professor Palermo, the progressive movement needs to find their own political language or perhaps a “dialect” giving power to their ideas. I disagree with Frank Luntz on everything that he stands for, but I do acknowledge that he has a genius for word and meaning manipulation; he was brilliant with the concept of death panels, even though the private health insurers use them on a daily basis, somehow he made it so easy for the tea party republicans to take that phrase and scare their constituents with it and thus taint them against the Affordable Care Act. I am not sure if Frank Luntz dubbed the ACA Obamacare, but I wouldn’t have put it past him. Moreover, when you look at the word entitlement, it actually means that whatever you receive, you deserve because you put into the system and thus are deserving of your “dividends”, “contributions”, “investments”, how did the word get so corrupted as to mean something practically derogatory, as if it were a handout? Professor Palermo is correct and we need to mindfully choose our words because words have power and strength, they can give legitimacy and they can take it away. What I don’t quite understand is why do republicans seem to have such ease coming up with pithy talking points that easily stick, whereas the left gets bogged down in lengthy explanations and discourse; sort of what I am doing with my comment. LOL.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I saw a book at the library a while back which argued that, even when Democrats have power, conservatives still manage to set the parameters of the political discussion—-defining the issues, defining the terminology, etc.

    1. I think that aside from now, where the media and pundits are saying that the party is engaged in a “civil war”, the old guard versus the tea party, the Republican Party has seemed to be very unified whereas the democrats are generally disorganized. There are some theories about it, that there is a specific mindset that defines each party and reflects their specific behavior, supposedly the conservative mind is very different from the liberal mind. One of these days, I’ll get to reading more on the subject, it is interesting. 🙂

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