House Republicans Targeting Obamacare Again

The republican’s continued insistence in derailing the Affordable Care Act is reflective of their lack of vision. Their actions as a whole, make me question why they choose to be in government at all. Their determination to make the less fortunate’s lives more difficult is reprehensible in my estimation. They state that we cannot afford to fund food stamps, unemployment benefits and job training but we can more than pay for Wall Street tax breaks, Big Agriculture subsidies as well as Big Oil and Big Coal. The Republican Party worship the free market, but the free market and the private sector as a whole is bankrupting the average American. We have a government for a reason, not to hold our hand, but to serve as a referee against the greed and the power hungry antics of the 1%. Both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, being from the privileged class, knew full well what their class was capable of and they were both bound and determined to put governmental policies in place to stave off the imbalance of power and money. We have historical perspective in front of us, we should be taking a page from history and applying those lessons now. We need to back Senator Warren and her fight to reinstate Glass-Steagal, expand Social Security benefits and better monitoring of foreclosures. We also need to shore up support for unionization and living wages, not to mention do something about the cost of higher education. It all comes down to priorities.
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