Supreme Court Weighing Presidential Recess Appointments Power

How did it get so wrong? The level of obstructionism is insane, not to mention the low level of legislative working days for 2013. It is a fact that the judicial branch is in sore need of confirmed judges, but with the favorite tool in the republican drawer, the filibuster, they are barely getting filled. I can’t see how anyone can blame a President for using the recess appointment power to get positions filled so that work can get done. These appointments are to be temporary anyway so why even bring a lawsuit? The worst is that it is being heard by our current Supreme Court, arguably one of, if not the, most activist courts in our history and their activism is all pro-corporate, not human people friendly. I fear that their ruling will not be one in favor for the people, but for the powerful. How did the Grand Experiment of the United States get to be so warped? I will tell you, plain and simple, greed. Greed dominated in the South pre Civil War, everywhere in the 1890’s, and again in the 1920’s, we saw slavery, child labor, abject poverty, and it was through the bravery of activists and progressives that we moved away from those abominations. We are now seeing a rise in activism and progressive resolve and hopefully we will see the tide turn against greed and the public commons will be championed once again.
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