Sunday Shows To West Virginia: Drop Dead!

Precisely, Jason, the Sunday “news” shows are a joke. I have been in your debt for three years, you saved me the torture while filling me in on how shallow these pundits really are, yet at the same time giving me the essential nuggets of news and now that you have stopped your excellent weekly column, I will happily read anything else, rather than watch those shows. At least I will get to focus on what matters such as what has happened in West Virginia which would be breaking news to anyone who depends on clean drinking water simply beacuase it could happen anywhere. Our nation lives on chemicals, they are everywhere; in our cleaning products, in our food, in our beauty products. I don’t understand how people living in the Beltway think that somehow they are immune to pollution, to contamination or to any long lasting effects of chronic exposure to chemicals. I suppose that those living and reporting in the Beltway are living a dream that they are protected and insolated by their proximity to wealth and power. I will be following this story because it is of national importance; we need to know how these people will be helped and what actions will be necessary to turn this around. Water is a critical need and we are being horrible stewards of our waterways. Something needs to be done.
read the article:


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