New Spending Bill Blocks ACORN Funding Four Times, Even Though ACORN No Longer Exists

I have to say that when I clicked on the heading from the front page, I was thinking what other program aside from ACORN are the republicans defunding now, assuming that they had realized that ACORN has been gone for years, goes to show that one should never, ever assume. If the republicans can’t understand that they won their little war against ACORN and they can let it rest, how can we take any of their other “wars” seriously, when does one stop beating a dead horse? Well, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, this past year, the republicans did waste their time, energy and our money unsuccessfully, by the way, trying to repeal the ACA 47 times. I think that the larger question here is, how do we convince a section of the population that government is here to work for us, it is an extension of our will, it is here to serve our needs in terms of things that we cannot do for ourselves individually but only as a society, things such as maintaining clean, drinkable water, clean air and soil, regulating financial institutions maintaining our infrastructure and providing opportunity and possibilities for all and the freedom available so that everyone has a shot at the American dream. Is that so much to ask for? Republican ideology has driven the American dream into becoming a myth and if we continue down their path, the myth will turn into a legend. Is that what we want?
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