Senate Readying To Send $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill To Obama

I am so frustrated with our congress, this bill is once again short-sighted and fails to do anything for the long term economic vitality of our nation; it’s an austerity laden budget pure and simple. I am sorry, but with all of the economic data that we have available to us from the past decade, it is extremely clear that the private sector alone is in no way capable of lifting us out of this continued recession. Our corporations are not in this with the American people, they are in it to win it and win it all for themselves or hasn’t that become frightfully spelled out for everyone yet? Aren’t we embarrassed enough of being at the lower portion of every single comparison of quality of life against the other industrialized nations? I don’t want to be number one in prison population and number two in obesity rates. We need vision and courage, we need to find and elect officials that believe in science, we need to find officials who believe in people and in our common interests as a people and a nation. We need to get money out of politics and we need to get all of the lawyers and millionaires out of congress to make way for scientists, teachers, social workers and other professions to have our legislature become more reflective of our society because how can we expect to be governed effectively if our legislators don’t understand the majority’s everyday reality?
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