Congress Has No Plans To Stay In D.C. To Deal With Unemployment

Is it ironic that Boehner is heading out to Nevada, still in the throes of high unemployment, to headline a fundraiser for one of his republican colleagues, instead of staying to work on helping those who are in desperate need of it? I suppose that perhaps it isn’t, because Boehner’s target audience is the 1% so essentially his tactics just plain old stink for the people and our economy. The Republican Party as a whole has not entertained a new idea regarding economic growth in over thirty years. I think that it is extremely sad for us that the republican playbook only has two ideas “voodoo economics” and deregulation and that is it. We as a country have seen what these two strategies have done to us, thrown us into a race to the bottom and we have the sad results to prove how disastrous these ideas have been. Aren’t we just a little tired of always caving into these republican legislators, when can we try something new such as mandating that corporations start participating in the social contract, that the finance industry pay us back for all of our largesse during the Great Recession when they broke the economy and that we reinvest in our infrastructure and our people. I think that it is about time that we change our ways of doing things and who knows, it might work and things will turn around for the people for a change.
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