For Labor Board’s Top Attorney, Life-Changing Tenure In GOP Crosshairs

Are republicans aware that for the German auto companies, we have become the Chinese in their labor costs? The scales have tipped completely in Capital’s favor and we need unions now more than ever. The unions lost out in their negotiations with Boeing in terms of retirement, the unions were fighting not only for this generations but for the newer workers and unfortunately they lost. Boeing has the gall to demand tax breaks and infrastructure promises,, There was a time when corporations contributed to their communities and actually invested in their employees, remember those days? This race to the bottom enriches the 1% and that’s it, it doesn’t do anything for our society. I realize that there were abuses committed at the top echelons of union leadership but still, it doesn’t do us any good to throw out the baby with the bath water. The recovery has only happened in the top tier of our economy, the rest of us are still dealing with the reality of 3 to 4 applicants for every position so the the employer has all of the power. This is a recipe for economic stagnation, we haven’t seen healthy growth in our overall economic story in a long time. The cost of living has eclipsed our wages and it has gotten scary to think of the future; retirement, children’s futures, taking care of elderly parents and health care in general. The Republican Party does not have a plan for these concerns, the progressives do.
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