GOP Image Has Changed Little A Year After Planned Reboot

As soon as I started reading the article, Roger Dalton’s voice singing the lyrics “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” dominated my mind, “won’t get fooled again” A great anthem I think for any republican voter, who is getting tired of being shunted aside in favor of the wealthier constituent. How can the Republican Party explain their latest actions against the long term unemployed particularly when they have done nothing in terms of getting jobs onto the legislative agenda. Moreover, their entire approach to the Affordable Care Act shows that they have no compassion for those who can’t afford decent health care coverage and whose employers refuse to be part of the solution only part of the problem, Walmart and McDonald’s I am referencing your corporate strategies. Their continued assault on voter rights and women reproductive rights would rightfully alienate any minority newcomer to the party, not to mention the LGBT community, how can they expect to attract any support from that community when they still want to deny them the basic human right to love, adopt and be protected by contract of marriage and parenthood. The Republican Party seems to be concerned with denying freedom, opportunity and possibilities to the “other” whomever the “other” may be at the moment, someone who is not like them. I would like to think that we should embrace our differences and try to be as inclusive as possible, our strength comes from our differences, not only our similarities.
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