U.S. Likely To Hit Debt Ceiling Sooner Than Believed

The constitution says it in black and white, the United States will honor all debt obligations, there isn’t any way to wiggle out of it, there isn’t an implication of, say only paying what you feel like, it is all of our debt obligations. The Republican Party is fully aware of this and they have proven it in the past by complacently voting debt ceiling increases each and every time it was necessary under Reagan, Bush and Bush. The time for negotiating is when budgets are being put together by both houses for the President to eventually sign into law, and only then, this business of taking our economy and by extension the world’s, hostage is irresponsible, vindictive and bad governance. When you are an elected official it is your job to look after all of your constituents, not just the ones who pay you the most. Moreover, holding up a fragile economy in recovery, not only costs us money but it costs us potential jobs, the things that these elected officials should be working towards and not sabotaging. If all of this is simply for ideological purposes then a pox on ideology. I want practical and grounded legislators who are more reflective of our society than the gaggle of millionaires that we currently have. We need to see an influx of teachers, union workers, scientists and other walks of life in congress. The Republican Party represents such a small slice of society, sadly with an inordinate amount of power.
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