Mike Huckabee Makes Epic Flip-Flop On Birth Control Coverage

What I find interesting with Huckabee’s shifting narrative on government’s role in a woman’s reproductive rights is that when he was Governor, he was reacting to the practical applications and real world implications of the state versus religious beliefs and now that he is a commentator and a pundit, maybe looking towards a place in the 2016 presidential race, his tone has become that of the preacher, divorced from what women live in their everyday reality. There isn’t any logic to the traditional conservative position; abortion is out of the question, contraception is solely a private responsibility and each person for themselves, government should not be responsible for family planning or helping families who are at the low end of the economic scale. They defend this stance under their moral and religious world view, however when Huckabee was Governor, he saw fit to do essentially what the ACA is doing because he understood that his constituents realities necessitated it. I think that this shows why the separation between church and state is so vital to our democracy, Huckabee did not allow his religious views to dictate his political reality to make the lives of the women in his state harder than necessary and that is how it should be. Family planning isn’t simply a moral choice; it is an economic reality and if we take away women’s economic and political freedom and ability to make these contraceptive choices we are subjecting the women and their families to harsh burdens.
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