Why There’s No Outcry Posted:

A good place to start is for everyone to dig up their history books and remind themselves of the unions labored history, the numerous bloody battles it took them to get forty hour work weeks, child labor done away and collective bargaining as an established tool for all workers, once we have all refreshed our memories than we can determine if we have the stomach to demand once again an equal footing with capital because as it stands right now and has for the past thirty plus years, labor has lost systematically year after year benefits, wages, retirement and security as capital increased exponentially their power and wealth. Professor Reich is absolutely on point with the reasons why we haven’t gone to the streets as of yet, but until we get some remembrance of where the unions started; from nothing and how far they got for us the worker, perhaps it will give all of us the heart and determination to reclaim what has been lost. Those wealthy capitalists were extremely wily, slick and calaculating when they pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes with their subtle roll backs of finacial regulations, maniupulating campaign finance laws, building up think tanks and plying consumers with easy credit cards and then home equity loans. Their mistake was their greed and as a result, the economy bottomed out and we woke up to a frightening reality of exactly how much we had lost. It is now our duty to fight back.
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