Republicans Decry Obama Plans To Bypass Congress To Advance Agenda

Normally I would say that our President should work at achieving consensus within congress before resorting to executive orders, but I specify the word normally. Our congress is not normal. The only exception to what I just wrote is the TPP, I do not want that Fast Tracked in the least and for this exception, I pray for the republicans to stand as one and obstruct the passage of the TPP. In my opinion the TPP is NAFTA on Uber-steroids, horrendous trade policy for our nation. Having said that, our President has been more than patient with the most obstructionist, oppositional political party that we have seen in a very long time. While the Republican Party is focused on derailing the ACA law and making women’s reproductive decisions and lives more complicated, we need other things to be happening such as; getting our nation firmly into the 21st century with strong, robust investment in our decaying infrastructure, making higher education affordable for all, improving our health care system and bringing manufacturing back to our shores. There is a world of work to be done and the Republican Party only sees a few trees within the humongous forest. We have to up our game in terms of environmental standards, climate change isn’t something that might happen, it has already entered the building, we have been thrown into catch up and clean up mode because of poor and irresponsible planning. It is time that elect a congress that makes us proud.
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