Working on Empty: America’s Workers Are Spending Down Savings to Survive

Speaking from experience, right after the Great Recession, we were forced to live off the nest egg because employment was extremely difficult to come by, today employment isn’t the issue; however, coming back from such a severe deficit is and will continue to be a very tough challenge., especially with college age children, older parent and future retirement worries. It is not comforting to know that I am not alone, on the contrary, it makes me even more anxious because the greater the number of families in my situation, the more precarious the economy becomes and that spells doom for so many of us. What the powers that be fail to understand in all of their millionaire glory, is that when you are hanging by a thread or even something more solid like a rope, any unexpected emergency can set you back even further. The American people cannot afford austerity any longer, we can’t afford climate issues, we can’t afford chemical spills and we can’t afford obstruction on any level. We are hurting across the board, except for those in the safety zone of the corporate board. I don’t know how we can demand change, the Republican Party seems to like living in their bubble safely isolated away from our problems, but something has to happen, it is exhausting to constantly worry about every single cent after working so hard earning it. We are not asking for handouts, we are demanding that policy cease to be skewed to the wealthy.


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