The State of the Union Address — Taking the Longer View

I would venture that all of this talk of American Exceptionalism is ironically holding us back. Instead of admitting that we need to do a lot more in terms of bringing back manufacturing to our shores, getting our nation back to full employment, making the choice to feed those less fortunate instead of filling the coffers of the wealthy agriculturists; there is such a long list and if we stood for a second, and forgot about being exceptional, then perhaps we would open our eyes and our minds and demand that our elected officials stop resting on their imaginary laurels and rise to the occasion. That is the problem when you think that you are number one, you stop aiming for the sky because you think that you have already achieved everything possible. What is the sense of having the most billionaires when the rest of the nation is food insecure, job insecure and debt repayment insecure. What is the point of having the wealthiest citizens in the world if all that they do is find more ways of making themselves ultra wealthy and letting our country rot. We could have the best wireless network, but we don’t. We could have the best railway, but we don’t. We could still be number one in aerospace exploration and technology, but we aren’t. But we have a lot of billionaires, and a lot of millionaires in congress. Not much to write home about, is it?
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