Why Remaking The Modern Republican Party Is So Damn Hard

Be careful what you wish for Republicans. The comeback that got the Democratic Party back in the game resulted in Bill Clinton and his NAFTA treaty which killed a lot of manufacturing jobs for Americans, it also brought about the complete demise of Glass-Steagal and he signed the futures commodity act which deregulated all commodities trading, that is what the revamp of the Democratic Party brought us. Thankfully the progressive arm is getting stronger, more vocal and is being heard over the allure of easy money and enriching only the wealthy. So where does that leave the Republican Party? My only advice to them is to drop the prejudice, keep their minds and beliefs out of a woman’s womb, allow voting to be unencumbered and lose the anti-tax rhetoric. They might find that more people will sit down and listen when they don’t have such chips on their shoulders. When they welcome everyone and not just a certain group.
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