Obama’s Keystone XL Pipeline Dilemma: Running Out Of Reasons To Say No

The title of this article is erroneous, there are many good reasons why the President should say no to the Keystone Pipeline, our planet, the world’s people and the wildlife. I wish that one of executive decisions would be to stop the pipeline in its tracks, haven’t we gotten the message yet from Mother Nature? This irresponsible drive of complete exploitation of fossil fuels is pushing Mother Nature to extremes and we are going to suffer for it. If we are capable of sending a man to the moon why can’t we figure out how to effectively store the sun’s energy for our consumption? Is it because it is too hard or impossible? I find that so very hard to believe, if a plant can convert the sun’s rays into their food source then why can’t we figure it out? Big oil has had it too good for too long and they are drunk on greed and power and being drunk has corrupted their thinking, it is endangering our planet and our future. It is time that the President take a stand for our planet and for us. Please let him say no the the Keystone Pipeline, if that is the only thing that he does this year, I would still be very happy with him.
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