Republicans Blame Obama Over Immigration Reform

It seems to me that when one hasn’t a solution, but is feeling the pressure to deliver one, then it is always best to assign blame and that is precisely what the Republican Party is doing in this instance. What I am shocked about is that they are actually daring to call out our President as being ineffectual when it comes to enforcing the law, have’t they been following the news? This administration has been even more effective and efficient in deportations then its predecessor. The only thing that our President did was to grant amnesty to the illegal minors who are successful and productive students and are here through no fault of their own. Wasn’t it Reagan himself who granted amnesty? We are a country of immigrants and it is in really poor taste to be so gung-ho on being so selfish about our nation. Though the American Dream has become a legend for most and our present day policies are a reflection of that. We are focused on tightening the belts on those who are already economically stressed while the uber wealthy are exponentially reaping the rewards that our tax code affords them. Taxation policies deliberately skewed to the 1%, that is what has developed since former President Reagan, and it hasn’t produced the results that were promised. So theoretically passing immigration legislation may be moot, as long as the Republican Party continues in punishing those who are poor, immigrants may just stay of their own volition.
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