Obamacare Isn’t Killing Jobs — It Gives Workers A Choice

I was sitting in the waiting room, the t.v had on Fox News and they were discussing this, the CBO projections in reference to the ACA, essentially I was being held hostage and forced to listen to the histrionics of the panel. It was so painful and insulting, they were saying that people would no longer want to work, not only that, but because of food stamps, Medicaid and now this, people will stay at home and while away the time in leisure. All because of OBAMA and Obamacare. Boy was I so relieved when I was released from my forced brain washing and I would be able to go and read up on the subject myself. Economics isn’t a hard science, can you imagine if it were, the conservatives would be forced to dismiss it out of hand lol. It is a soft science because human emotions and temperament are involved; good decisions, bad decisions, greed, thrift, all of these variables don’t fit into math equations and therefore economists can’t track them or forecast them. Fox News takes the data and based on their worst assumptions of our fellow humans make presumptions that correlate with their negative assumptions. I on the other hand greet the data with my optimistic view of mankind. Anyhow I see President Obama’s brave fight for the ACA as the first salvo against the war for affordable universal health care coverage and making health care a right not a privilege; single payer here we come!
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