Mitch McConnell Farm Bill Vote Creates Political Problems

I am not happy with this Farm Bill; it wastes valuable tax dollars on the wrong beneficiary, Big Agriculture, and does nothing in reference to our climate change worries and conservation practices. Moreover it penalizes the poor, specifically the elderly and the children who are suffering enough thanks to the pathetic lack of compassion that the republican party has demonstrated since our country got hit with the Great Recession and the election of our President. I am also deeply disappointed with the democrats who voted the Farm Bill through the Senate, I realize that it has been waiting to be passed, but somehow we have to find a way to stop bludgeoning poor people while catering to Big Agriculture. Yes the Republican Party does not believe in climate change but the agricultural community has eyes and pocket books, they know that they need help in a different form, there are now farmers who are practicing conservational techniques devoid of pesticides, and through crop rotation and conservation cover crops, their farms are reaping benefits that should be expanded upon with a smart agricultural piece of legislation, but this Bill does nothing of the kind, it lamely sticks with crop insurance policies of mono crops such as corn and soy which are now being understood as being counter productive in healthy proactive soil maintenance. If your soil is depleted no amount of pesticide or GMO seeding will grow your crops. This piece of legislation serves no one in the end.
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