CBO Director: Actually, Obamacare Will Reduce Unemployment

Over the past two days on Fox News, all you heard was Obamacare, Kill Jobs, Obamacare, Kill Jobs, they were falling over in hysterics and the media really blew it badly with the C.B.O report as well, though I do understand that it was a very lengthy report and the summary itself was 44 pages, that is a lot to read and understand, so I guess we have to cut them some slack? NOT. This is the perfect example of taking a report and interpreting it to fit in with your world view, your assumptions and creating a false narrative as a result. I still don’t get how we have this supposed “liberal” media when all the mainstream media does is parrot right wing talking points. Anyhow, one of the goals for the ACA was to liberate Americans from being tied to a job simply for the health care coverage and apparently it is going to do what it was partially designed to do, that is a good thing. Moreover, if those who were waiting to exit the workforce do now with confidence at being covered, that opens up more job opportunities for those who would otherwise still be looking, overall this seems to be creating a fluidity within the job market that has been missing for the past five years. Moreover the big misunderstanding about employment was the difference between supply and demand of labor. The ACA isn’t killing the demand, that is the key point.
read the article:


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