Unemployment Insurance Extension Fails Again In Senate

Essentially the Republican Party is telling all of us “if you are poor, working class or even middle class, you don’t count, you aren’t of any value and we don’t see the point in investing in you or your future. Only those who are of the millionaire and above class are worthy of our time” That is their message and when are the republican constituents going to finally get and accept their lawmakers blatant message? Basically THEY ARE NOT THAT INTO YOU. All this talk about deficit and that we are in too much debt really goes out the window when you look closely at the recently passed senate version of the Farm Bill; they definitively cut off desperately needed aid to the poor while they increased the subsidies to the wealthy Big Agriculture farms to the tune of a trillion dollars over the span of ten years. It isn’t really a matter of what money we have, it is who deserves to get it and the Republican Party has decided that the 99% do not deserve any of it. Everyone has a hand keeping our economic machine chugging along, even the poor since they spend what small amounts they have, their dollars go in and another paycheck goes out. What I spend fuels someone else’s paycheck, it is that simple and the Republican Party by slowly pauperizing the average American is essentially denying others of future potential paychecks. Not very good economics.
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