Jobs Report: First Impressions

This bleak report shows that selective austerity economics seriously doesn’t work and according to several reports the middle class, or what is left of it, is seriously hurting, as are the businesses that traditionally cater to them, such as the Olive Gardens and The Red Lobster’s. On the flip side, high end retailers and restaurants are doing bang up business, but these tiny niches aren’t enough to sustain our colossal economy and so we are still stuck in neutral and perhaps backpedaling. The Republican Party wants to reward the wealthy in every way possible, however the wealthy are the real takers, as is evidenced by all of the tax subsidies they lobby for with their contributions. The Farm Bill is a great example; the poor have been seriously brutalized with SNAP cuts while Big Agriculture was rewarded with increased aid. There was a time when corporations and wealthy were taxed to give back their communities, but nowadays, these same corporations and wealthy class feel entitled to keep their wealth to themselves; thinking that they alone and on their own, made all their success and wealth possible. I disagree with their assessment; they made their fortune as a result of exploitation. It is impossible to become a billionaire or even a millionaire on your own; at some point a specific choice was made to deny workers a fair shake. If only these wealthy people and corporations would just admit to it, then perhaps it wouldn’t be so infuriating.
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