The GOP Thinks Obamacare Is Making You Lazy

I would argue that the true culprits of laziness are the republicans who haven’t taken the time to fully read the report and only take away the words that seem to fit into their talking points. I would also argue that the wealthy are the lazy ones who tweak and manipulate tax codes to their advantage. We all know that since the 1970’s, corporations and Wall Street have used their wealth to influence their congress people into voting through financial deregulation and tax laws that subsidize their tax evasion. Moreover, when one is already wealthy, their children do not have to work as hard as someone who has grown up in poverty. Being poor is a lot of hard work; when your entire existence is based on insecurity; food insecurity, shelter insecurity and employment insecurity, you have to plan and scrape everything down to its barest essence. The working poor, who far outnumber the middle class, and that is a tragedy, are exhausted from the stress of constantly choosing which bill to pay on time and which to let go, stressing over what mishap could put them over the edge. The wealthy justify their rewards because they say they take risks and that is the biggest lie of all. Their risks have become ours, the tax payers, but their rewards have stayed private. We are angry because the wealthy are taking advantage of us and our country. It isn’t right and it isn’t moral.
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