GOP Denies Workers’ Right to Unionize

I remember back in high school in my Business Management class during senior year; my teacher Mr. S told us that when we were going to shop for work, to research how the job turnover rate was within the company, because if the turnover rate was high, that was an indication of a bad company to work for; weren’t those the days back in 1985? The Republican Party has completely embraced the Race to the Bottom at every single level of daily existence; education, health care, employment, the environment and even in terms of nutrition. There isn’t a single aspect of the republican party’s platform that makes sense or is even in the self-interest of your average person. Just look around at all of their policy results: financial deregulation made the Great Recession possible and wiped out millions of dollars worth of jobs and savings, little to no environmental regulation led to West Virginia’s safe water problem and to put the cherry on the cake, the company responsible is declaring bankruptcy. Starving teachers and school districts of funds is presenting us with children ill prepared for the future, sabotaging the passage and implementation of the ACA is putting the poor and working poor at risk for illness and death. If I could see one proactive policy come from their ideology, I wouldn’t dismiss them so readily, but all I see are reactionary and ill thought out defensive measures that only harm us in the long run.
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