Here’s What Bothers Keith Ellison About Obama’s National Security Programs

I am really saddened over how 9/11 changed us so dramaticallly as a nation, not us as a people really, but our government and what they are ready to let go of as individual liberties and the lengths that they are willing to go to, all in the name of national security. The minute that you make killing faceless, it lessens the moral implication. Killing should be hard and difficult, even if it is a bad guy. I am against the drone program, what are we doing to our young soldiers by putting these controls iinto their hands and ordering them to deploy the drone and afterwards they may read the headlines of civilians deaths by drones. I realize that war is expensive and it should be, to make it something of the last resort, but employing drones to replace war isn’t a solution either, it just justifies the Al-Queda raison d’etre in their own eyes. We are a nation of laws, it is difficult and frustrating at times, but it is still the most moral form of justice that we have at our disposal. I had sincerely wished that President Obama would have done away with the Patriot Act by now or at least pushed congress really hard to vote it away and I would really like it if the President would stop with the drone program, it is not helping the “War on Terror” it is giving them reasons to continue fighting.
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