Unemployed Americans Increasingly Frustrated With Congressional Inaction

Given how bad the employment prospects are out there, it is positively immoral on the part of the Republican Party to have denied once again an extension of the unemployment benefits. If the republicans had worked with the democrats in passing some good legislative acts; such as the Made in America bill or the five other bills that the Progressive Caucus presented, adding more jobs to our economy by investing in our infrastructure, instead of waiting for the private sector to do anything, then I would understand the republican party’s decision to not vote an extension, but they decided to not do anything in the five years that they have worked under this President, nothing to help the unemployment issue, nothing but obstruction in terms of financial regulation, nothing in support of the average person in home foreclosures, nothing for the small farmer. Unless you are a part of the corporate world, a Koch brother or a member of ALEC, the Republican Party hasn’t the time for you or your problems. Moreover, their faith in the free market and corporate America to reset our economy and rehire the unemployed is evidence and proof that the Republican Party has no business deciding our economic fate. Businesses will only hire when there is a healthy demand for their products and services, starving the American consumer starves that demand, plain and simple. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, wait, republicans hate science, that’s why they’re confused.
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