Elizabeth Warren’s Postal Banking Idea Has Big Public Support, New Poll Finds

Senator Warren has done so much since she has come into the national spotlight; first with her appointment to oversee the TARP program, she created the Consumer Financial Services Agency to help the average consumer and we know that it is an important service for the little guy simply because Wall Street fought it hard, fought it both tooth and nail and made sure to keep her from heading it up, thank goodness she found Mister Cordray, who heads it now and is doing a good job. Next she fought for the students and their educational loans, she has grilled the regulators over their handling of the foreclosure crisis and now she has launched another brilliant idea, essentially killing two birds with one stone; finding another way to keep our Postal Service solvent and helping lower income Americans who find themselves far away from banking services or credit unions out in rural areas. I am so happy to have her as my Senator, she has done so much in terms of looking out for the little guy and she is not at all scared of going up against the powers that be and calling them out on the floor. We need far more people in congress like her, championing for those who don’t have a voice equal to those who hold all of the money.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    Did you see Mr. Cordray on Jeopardy?

    1. I know I did, I can’t remember how he did, I want to say that he did well but my mind draws a bank. This forgetting stuff is so frustrating!! I do love Jeopardy though. The topics are always interesting and I get a refresher course in many, many things. 🙂

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